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Let me show you how training in Jeet Kune Do can help you develop improved fitness levels, greater confidence, self esteem and awesome martial arts skills. If your goal is get into the best possible shape of your life, in addition to learning some of the most devastating martial arts skills ever developed by man, then Progressive Combat Systems is for you. Our fun, relaxed, atmosphere is welcoming to all levels of martial arts experience. Whether beginner or advanced, Progressive Combat Systems will help you develop to the highest level possible. Our training methods, class structure and training equipment are all designed to create a martial arts experience that is safe yet effective. All beginning students are taken through basic structure and footwork drills then introduced to an understanding of bio mechanics with the emphasis placed on attribute development and various combat principles. The unique training methods found in both the JKD & KALI give the students a sense of reality while at the same time learning to appreciate the philosophy, history and culture behind the arts…

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