Accelerated Learning


“Amazing breakthrough in Accelerated Learning”

One on One Training Sessions that allow you to develop
at a faster rate than normal classes!

Don’t believe me?
After nearly a life time of studying the Martial arts under some of the worlds best martial arts instructors, Dan Inosanto, Paul Vunak, Larry Hartsell & Master Chai Sirisute.

I know how to bring out the best in my students. I know exactly how to implant my skills in you, in the shortest possible time. It’s an amazing advantage only a handful of my students have ever enjoyed before.

You’ll understand immediately, from your first lesson, why these one on one sessions are so powerful. This means your learning curve for your new found skills, will be literally turbo charged.

Yes, these skills are incredibly easy to learn, but more importantly, are absolutely deadly effective to use.

The ease in which you learn these skills will stagger you. For example:

  • There are no defensive moves at all. You don’t need them and they’re a waste of time to learn. Everything I teach you is either offensive or counter offensive, which means you control the game.
  • Learn the secrets to making techniques work. Most martial arts teach techniques as the basis for advancement in their art, but what they don’t teach you are how to make those techniques work for real.
  • Find out why Personal trainers all over the world are now incorporating pad work as part of their clients workout. I’ll share with you some of the closed door training methods of Bruce Lee’s personal combat system guaranteed to take your cardio conditioning and combat skills to the next level.
  • What’s more, you don’t need to be quick, strong or have any previously-learned skills to “get” this training right away. This program was developed to be learned fast (and “retained” forever!)

And Virtually Guarantees
You Will “Get” The Training
In The Fastest Way Possible!

You’ll understand immediately why these one on one lessons are the best investment you will make. Additionally, these lessons are a great time to ask questions on any topic you want. Weather it be the martial arts, martial fitness, martial culture we have the right program for you.

Here’s what our students have to say…

He’s more than an Instructor who knows how to bring out your best. Unbelievable. 10/10
Jarrod Graham – QLD

His creativity in his teaching methods makes training sessions a very rewarding experience.

F. Intervalo

Arthur is the epitome of what all teachers should be. He is not only a martial artist of the finest calibre but also possesses outstanding communication skills. Arthur personally ensures all of his students thoroughly understand what they are taught. Whether novice or an advanced student, Arthur has an innate ability to present his art in a manner appropriate for his audience.

United States Army

Arthur’s excellent communication skills and teaching methods coupled with his passion and scientific understanding of the combative arts, makes for the best combative arts instructor in Australia hands down.

Brett. L – 23


Here’s how the deal works: I normally charge $90 per hour but if you act now and buy a ten pack of private lessons, not only will I give you the eleventh lesson for Free…but I’ll also reduce the training fee to $80 per hour. That’s a total of $900 worth of lessons for only $800 + 1 free lesson

To schedule your Lessons contact us on: 0419 253 106