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To Whom It May Concern:

I have had the good fortune to learn Jeet Kune Do and train under Arthur Ligopantis. Arthur is a highly skilled and energetic martial artist who gives 100 percent effort to his students. I have studied Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Kenpo and Hung Gar and have never seen anything as dynamic as Arthur’s class.

Arthur teaches JKD in a combative, realistic and functional way just as Bruce Lee, Dan Inosanto, and Paul Vunak intended the art to be taught. Every aspect of a drill is scrutinized covering; attribute development, principles, tool development, and combat application until the student completely understands what is being taught. Time is not wasted in class learning a technique as a requirement to move to the next level. On the contrary, every technique and tool developed builds on and blends into the next. The system is complete, lacking nothing.

Arthur teaches combat principles and attribute development not just techniques. His students learn how to apply these principles as oppose to merely learning techniques without understanding how and when they are applied.

Arthur is the epitome of what all teachers should be. He is not only a martial artist of the finest calibre but also possesses outstanding communication skills. Arthur personally ensures all of his students thoroughly understand what they are taught. Whether novice or an advanced student, Arthur has an innate ability to present his art in a manner appropriate for his audience.

I strongly recommend anyone to study under Arthur Ligopantis. His class contains all the elements to effectively learn Bruce Lee’s fighting system, the best fighting system ever created.


MAJOR United States Army

My name is Jarrod and I have been training under Sifu Arthur Ligopantis at Progressive Combat Systems since late 2013. During my training I have completed a number of gradings and a training camp. The level of training I have received is in my opinion, world class. In some cases the techniques have been guarded very closely and rarely taught outside the traditional circles.

I have trained in various other gyms and overseas, the level of knowledge possessed by Sifu Arthur in a wide variety of martial arts is exceptional, not only in its content but also in its application and practicality. The training camp that spanned over four days was challenging and exhausting. It was mentally fatiguing due to the sheer amount of knowledge delivered in such a short time, but also one of the most rewarding experiences I have completed due to the highest level of instruction and material.

Sifu Arthur is a very patient and motivating instructor that pushes and encourages his students to achieve their maximum potential, which also helps create a fun, friendly and ego-free environment. I would highly recommend Progressive Combat Systems to anyone that wants a complete and in-depth, well rounded Martial Arts experience that is focused on effectiveness and science, but also make friends and have fun in the process. Unfortunately my training ended in 2015 when I moved away due to work commitments. I know I will struggle to find the same caliber of training elsewhere.

Jarrod Clune
CORPORAL Australian Army

“Sifu Arthur is the prime example of what every martial artist should strive to be”

I have been studying under Sifu Arthur for the last 3 years, and just when I think I have seen it all, he will show me something new or demonstrate a technique from a different viewpoint which gives me a better insight on what I already know. He is an encyclopaedia of martial arts who has learned from the very best, I highly recommend to anyone interested in martial arts consider training at PCS under the tutelage of Sifu Arthur.

Adam Di Pietrantonio
Electrical Engineer

Hi, my name is David C, firstly I would like to say that I’m blessed to have met and be taught by Sifu Arthur Ligopantis.

Sifu Arthur is a humble man, who always shows compassion to his students, he is a teacher, mentor, and friend. He always considers himself to be a student first and teacher second. He never shows off or tries to make you feel incompetent and always re-enforces and instils a positive can-do-attitude in all his students.

I have been a member of Sifu Arthur’s school at Progressive Combat Systems since 2000. I would have to say that prior to this I have attended other schools that have taught styles such as Hapkido, Tae Kwon Do and Karate.

To be honest, although these schools offered some value in traditional martial arts, it was not long before I left. I needed to find a practical Martial Art / Self Defence that could be used and utilised in real street situations.

I reached a stage of boredom and was over the fancy moves that realistically couldn’t be applied in the real world. This was a stage in my life whereby, I questioned myself. “Could the martial arts that I was actually learning be applied for real, if my life depended on it? The answer was painfully obvious. This then started to make me think about who the pioneers and innovators were for real world self defence & MMA”. When it comes to Martial Arts, there is one name that stands out…. “Bruce Lee.”

Then I thought to myself that, I wonder if his style or art that he created or moulded was taught in Australia. To be more specific, were there any schools based in Sydney? I was willing to travel any distance, if I found the right place.

I did my research to find that Bruce Lee had created the name of “Jeet Kune Do” and had a look what it was all about, it sounded awesome. After a lot of reading and reviewing of the style and its concepts, I had to see if there were any local schools. I was so determined to learn “Jeet Kune Do.”

I soon discovered that “Jeet Kune Do” was being taught in Sydney. I was ecstatic about this and grabbed the phone to dial the number of “Progressive Combat Systems – 0419 253 106.” After speaking to Sifu Arthur on the phone, I was invited to come down to the school and watch the class. I was absolutely speechless; I had to come down a second time to take it all in.

I was in such awe and amazement of this elite martial art that is realistic and actually has practical moves and applications to it. No breaking boards or sitting horse stances. Real moves and real defences that have been passed on from Sijo Bruce Lee down to Guro Dan Inosanto (Bruce Lee’s right hand man and head of Jeet Kune Do currently) and then passed onto Sifu Arthur.

The main philosophy at the school is to teach the students to be able to fight in all ranges of combat, which include kicking, punching, trapping and grappling. This school also offers teaching in the areas of weapons & wooden dummy and a whole lot more. This is the real deal, the world’s first original mixed martial art. Forget the U.F.C, this is real self defence at its best. Sifu Arthur always emphasises to his students to understand the rules of engagement and only apply necessary force and applications if and when required.

I try and make classes everyday and can honestly say that, during my time, I have lost a lot of weight (fat), increased my endurance, built up my character, increased my self esteem, built up my confidence, improved my ways of thinking, decreased my stress levels immensely, been able to handle those really awkward situations in a real calm manner, I’ve been able to apply the skills of thinking and working smarter not harder for both work and personal.

Just some real life stats, I’m bout 5’6” and before I used to be described as a chubby boy (even my mates would refer to me as previously being a chubby telly tubby), in the earlier days. Since being at Progressive Combat Systems, it’s totally transformed me from the person I used to be. I used to wear pants size 38, weighing 94kgs, and after most exercises I had to constantly be rehydrating myself. This is clearly not healthy, even my cholesterol was at a level of 5.4.

In 2012, I have now come down to 70kgs being at 18% body fat, my cholesterol is now 3.5 and the minimal is 3.9. As well I’m down to a pant size 32, which is even more comforting and exciting. Now I can shop for clothes almost anywhere without having to have such a narrow selection of clothes in the larger sizes. This used to be a major obstacle and would make me feel so depressed.

I feel great, both mind and body. These results that I, and many others before and after me, continue to experience, are living proof of the inspiration, motivation and coaching that Sifu Arthur continually provides throughout all his students. I now have the can-do attitude, and wish I could attend more classes than I already do. I don’t have to hydrate myself as often in class, as I have dramatically increased my conditioning to a very high and elite level, I’m not running out of breathe as I used to, nor do I have to use my asthma spray. I could not have done this without your teaching methodology and continual support Sifu.

Sifu Arthur has given me the opportunity to be put onto the path of teaching, and has been extremely supportive towards that, as he always instils positivity and wants to have more JKD instructors out there.

Sifu Arthur is one of a few accredited instructors teaching in Sydney (the other I believe teaches in Hurstville) NSW, who is genuinely certified under Guro Dan Inosanto. Sifu Arthur has over 36 years experience in Martial Arts and has a very unique way of teaching, whereby the drills and exercises taught are absorbable and always tries to ensure that the information that he passes to us is realistic and is also applicable to real world of self defence, given any situation that we may encounter.

I would like to say a personal Thank you to all the members of Progressive Combat System for being such a great place to train with such family orientation, with no ego, whereby everyone is so friendly and willing to help each other inside and outside of the gym.

Also a massive thank you to Sifu Arthur himself for all the knowledge that he continues to pass down and share with us, throughout his many successful years of learning and teaching the arts of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts.

Yours Sincerely David C
(IT – Desktop Support Engineer) 30 Years Old

Coming from the UK having trained at a number of martial arts centre’s, where I studied kickboxing and Kung Fu. I eventually stumbled across Bob Breen’s JKD studio where I was instantly enthralled and trained for almost a year.
When searching for JKD classes in Sydney I was sceptical that I would be able to re-create an equivalent experience to Bob Breen, and was amazed to find that my scepticism was unfounded after meeting Arthur Ligopantis and training at (PCS).

In my time over the past 3 mths training with Arthur I have come to realise that there is a difference to how JKD is taught and I am enlightened by Arthur’s talent, innovative approach, passion for the arts & teaching, and the ease and skill with which enables him to pass his knowledge on, and have it understood. These classes are exciting and progressive with a wide range of moves covered. For the first time, I feel like I am developing and learning ACTUAL martial arts, not your typical basic punch and kick combinations that most schools have you only doing in your first year. In saying that, the class curriculum is not ‘too difficult’ or ‘unachievable’, its challenging – yes, but also an indication of Arthur’s training methods and exceptional skill at Martial Arts & teaching that he has the confidence in you and your ability to have you working combinations that not only focus on developing the necessary basics, but entail additional ‘techniques’ enabling you to obtain more from your training. The syllabus taught at PCS is fun and current, incorporating techniques that I had never previously seen or shown, in my many months at Bob Breen which can only be attributed to Arthur’s extensive knowledge, absolute dedication, time and investment to self-development. Being a female beginner, it is often with apprehension that we endeavour to delve into Martial Arts; however with Arthur’s encouragement and personable demeanour this is easily and quickly overcome. I’ve found that with such a brilliant communication style, Arthur creates a harmonious learning environment at PCS providing a place to learn and train without inhibition or pretentiousness, which is certainly a nice change from clubs inLondon.

Kind Regards
Leesa Green ECS Manager

When I started planning a trip to travel across Asia, I decided to find somewhere to learn some martial arts, just in case I got into some trouble. I checked out Jujitsu and MMA and karate dojo’s but wanted to learn something a bit more practical. Then I found Progressive Combat Systems. I started learning Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, Panantukan (Filipino boxing), Silat, then Muay Thai kick boxing all at the same place. Learning drills for defence against knife attacks and Escrima stick fighting along with Wooden Dummy drills was just an added bonus. The practical training that Sifu Arthur Ligopantis teaches is so adaptive to real life situations that I think I got more than I went looking for. The fluidity of the training drills that Sifu teaches allows someone like me with no previous martial arts training to develop at an exponential rate. I went on my trip at the end of last year and felt a lot more confident travelling in a foreign country having some idea of what to do if I got into a bad situation. I am still training at Progressive Combat Systems and will be for a long time to come. I have a lot more of the world to see and it feels good to have Insurance. Respectfully,

Paul Jacek
Architectural Draftsman

I have been training with Progressive Combat Systems (PCS) under the guidance of Arthur Ligopantis for over 4 months now and I have thoroughly enjoyed the training and fitness benefits. From day one, I have felt welcomed by Arthur and many other students that share the same passion for PCS. Arthur has a wealth of experience and knowledge of his art. He is a dedicated teacher with an eagerness and willingness to improve the skill level of all his students. I would highly recommend PCS to anyone who is interested in learning martial arts.

Quan .T, Aged 33
I have been a student at Progressive Combat Systems (PCS) for approximately 3 years. When I started at PCS I really did not have any idea what to expect. I remembered my first day waiting anxiously for my first introductory class to begin. I was watching the advanced students train and I was amazed at how talented they all were. I thought that I would never be able to do the things I saw them doing. When I began training regularly I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed it. The benefits that I received from my training encouraged me to embrace a healthier lifestyle. PCS became a positive social environment for me as well. Amongst the numerous other benefits that I was receiving as a student, I also found many role models there. I met many people who where not just as talented martial artists but really good people as well. These people showed me what it meant to set goals and how good if feels to achieve them. I found these role models possessed many qualities that I wanted to instill in myself. They always had time for me and my questions and they always encouraged me to be the very best I can be. By simply observing the environment it became apparent that PCS is much more than a learning institution, it has its students feel as their home, wishing to be a part of it. Today, the hardest part of training is leaving every night, quite often students prefer to stay after class to socialise, talk martial arts or even train a bit more. Through PCS I have rediscovered the inherent desire to offer assistance where I can, to accept challenges when they are offered and to find the good in all things. I have never felt better, physically or mentally. I feel I am generally more relaxed, am able to cope with stress better, and of cause feel more confident about being able to defend myself if the need arises. The overall approach to training is a refreshing change from many other forms of martial arts and the people involved are very friendly and open, making it very enjoyable to go to training sessions. The atmosphere is engaging and inspiring, the chemistry of the school flowing through all of its participants. I feel privileged to have an opportunity to train under Sifu Arthur Ligopantis as there are very few people that show the dedication and passion he has, to bring out the best in his students. While his credential of training under the best of the best speaks for themselves, he is truly a genuine and caring person who wishes nothing more then to share his wealth of knowledge and develop his students.

Aneeket Ash Dayal
University Student

As a dedicated martial arts student, I have studied many styles: Karate, Tae Kwan Do, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, kickboxing and boxing. One of my greatest goals is to continually search for combative and controlled techniques that are simplified, effective and have a high probability of working under stressful situations on the street.After learning about Progressive Combat Systems and the extensive multi style martial arts taught (Jun Fan/JKD, Kali, Silat, Majapahit, Grappling and more). I find the program, techniques and approach very relative, applicable and effective.The approach to the teaching of techniques by Arthur Ligopantis are with no compromise to their effectiveness or safe deployment. I would confidently recommend anyone who desires to increase their level of combative skills to experience Progressive Combat Systems.

Domenic Carnevale, 32 years old

After many years of training in traditional Martial Arts, I found for me that I was questioning my limitations and personal growth that I had achieved up until now, and looking toward the future, I was not satisfied. A good friend of mine introduced me to Progressive Combat Systems. Within the 2 years I have been training with Arthur, it has opened my mind to the possibilities beyond techniques and the freedom to express them. This complete system offers everything needed to explore and express the individual Martial Artist we all are.

Many thanks.
Carol Skrzpek, 41 years

Arthur’s excellent communication skills and teaching methods coupled with his passion and scientific understanding of the combative arts, makes for the best combative arts instructor in Australia hands down.
Brett. L – 23 Doorman

As a 35 year old female with no martial arts experience, I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first.I need not have worried.As a beginner, Arthur helped me feel immediately at ease. He has always welcomed questions and given detailed explanations and reasons for his particular training style.In less than 12 months, through Progressive Combat Systems, I’ve gained confidence in all areas of my life, not just self defence, my original priority. My health fitness and overall happiness has reached a level far beyond what I would have previously thought possible. My training has become a way of life, something which I look forward to every day and would highly recommend P.C.S. to everyone.
Nicky Goddard, 35 years.

I first commenced P.C.S (Progressive Combat Systems) which is derived from Bruce Lee’s art of Jeet Kune Do (the way of the Intercepting Fist or Foot) in August of 1998. I trained for approximately 4 to 6 weeks, during that short time period I learnt a great deal about Real Street Defense but more importantly I met a great human being and friend in my Instructor, Arthur Ligopantis. I stopped training due to family commitments then re-enrolled in May of 2004, but during those 6 years I trained in boxing and got into weight training and still kept in contact with Arthur on occasions. Since May 2004 I have been training 4 to 5 days a week, 2 hours a day and the more often I train the more I am loving it because I’m learning something new everyday and becoming more confident and a better person not just in the gym but also outside the gym (eg.my family, at work and with my friends). My goals at P.C.S is first to become a better human being then learn and keep training the art of P.C.S to protect myself and more importantly my family and then finally to become an Instructor. I’m sure this will happen because I have great will and dedication to learn and also I have a great Instructor in Arthur who has a great attitude and great dedication not just towards me but all of his students.

Casey Chandar
Liverpool, Casula N.S.W

Our instructor, Arthur Ligopantis has passion for, and is dedicated to the martial arts. His vision to create a premiere martial arts school drives him to provide the best learning conditions for his students to develop. Arthur’s students benefit greatly from his generosity and knowledge of JKD and other marital arts – be it unarmed combat, armed combat, stand-up fighting, grappling etc. Arthur has trained with various instructors including high profile JKD instructors and shares these experiences with his students. Most important of all ……..Arthur is truly a genuine and caring person who wishes nothing but the best for his students. He makes himself available to his students and motivates his students to work towards their full potential. His creativity in his teaching methods makes training sessions a very rewarding experience. My son and I truly enjoy our training at Progressive Combat Systems and travel the relatively long distance to his club whenever possible. As a father, I see Arthur as a great role model for my teenage son or anyone else for that matter!!! Thank you to our teacher – Arthur Ligopantis.F. Intervalo
I have been studying with ‘Progressive Combat Systems’ for the past year. Over this period it has helped me in many ways, such as physically and mentally. As a security guard, it has helped me immensely to deal with certain situations and understand how to react to certain public matters. Arthur Ligopantis, as a teacher, is very patient and is always taking the time to perfect me and show me the right way of doing things. He will not give up until he is certain that I am 100%. On top of everything he is also a really great friend. I would recommend Arthur to anyone that was interested in learning ‘Progressive Combat Systems,’ as I have never me such a dedicated person in all of my life. He shares his time and patience willingly amongst all of his students. The atmosphere is a very positive one and the people are all friendly and willing to help one another. I can definitely say that ‘Progressive Combat Systems’ has changed my life in a positive way and I am a stronger person because of it!John Marsi – 23 North Strathfield Security Officer
After studying several traditional martial art systems, I understand forms and techniques. Now that I study with PROGRESSIVE COMBAT SYSTEMS (P.C.S.), I understand the reality of combat. P.C.S. is, in my opinion, the system of all systems! It takes a “no nonsense” approach to teaching modern day combat. Developing the attributes and mindset that practitioners need to become true martial artists, Head Instructor, Arthur Ligopantis offers a curriculum that needs to be seen to be believed. Combining Arthur’s extensive knowledge and understanding of Jeet Kune Do with his passion for teaching, he provides the best martial arts academy around.

Kyal Doherty – 23 years

Progressive Combat Systems has made me feel confident about myself. There’s no set pattern on how you defend or attack. You can learn different types of arts such as Muay Thai, Kali, Jiu Jitsu. These are just some examples. The learning in Progressive Combat System is endless. You can never learn enough. That’s what is so good about it. I recommend this to everyone.Keooudone Soulivong 26 years – Bonnyrigg
The best…! I moved from Queensland to train with Arthur and while I was there, I trained with one of Terry Barnett’s Instructors initially from the U.K who moved from New Zealand just to train with Arthur. He’s more than an Instructor who knows how to bring out your best.

Unbelievable. 10/10!Jarrod Graham

I have been training at Progressive Combat Systems (P.C.S.) for only a few months. However, I can say that within these few months, I have acquired more knowledge in the martial arts than I had in my previous martial art, which I had studied for over a year, before pursuing my martial arts training at P.C.S. At the P.C.S. kwoon, it is a friendly and enjoyable environment in which you can study and attain effective skills through the concepts of Bruce Lee’s art, Jeet-Kune-Do and the Filipino martial arts of Kali/Silat. There are also other arts that can be studied within the academy. At P.C.S., you are free to express your feelings, thoughts and ideas in the martial arts along with any other questions you may have to ask. Once again, members of P.C.S. are friendly and are willing to share their knowledge on the martial arts and help you out anyway they can if possible. And as my sifu would ‘….at P.C.S. we consider ourselves more than just a martial arts school, we’re a family of dedicated martial artists.’ I feel that by joining P.C.S., I have benefited greatly within only a few months and will continue to attain knowledge and grow to be a better person by continuing at P.S.C. However, this would not be possible without the help, teaching, guidance and dedication of my Sifu, Arthur Ligopantis. With nearly three decades of training and study in the martial arts, Arthur is an excellent instructor, and I wish to thank him greatly for taking me on as a student at P.C.S.

Anthony Webb – Age 15
Quakers Hill

Arthur and I practiced Judo many years ago in our teenage years, under fourth Dan Judo Instructor, Mick Smalley. There was a long break between Arthur and I meeting up again in our 40’s. After Judo, I trained in Karate for six years. Arthur was teaching Jeet Kune Do and I was very impressed with his skills in Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Silat, Grappling and other arts that he teaches. Arthur is a certified Instructor under Dan Inosanto and has a great understanding of the arts and is able to communicate his skills to his students. Personally, I find Jeet Kune Do far superior than Karate and other martial arts. I am enjoying Jeet Kune Do very much and my son who is 14 years of age, is very much involved in his training due to Arthur’s influence. Arthur’s training methods DO WORK. At my age of 44, I have turned a new page in my martial arts due to the influence of Arthur’s training and attributes. I highly recommend J.K.D. to anyone as Arthur is a highly skilled teacher who is interested in teaching the true art of Bruce Lee.

Pino Roncone – 44 yrs

My wife and I have three children aged twelve, ten and seven and about eighteen months ago thought it would be good for them to take part in self defense to develop both physically and mentally. We came across a Progressive Combat System flyer and thought why not give it a try. After speaking with Arthur for the first time it was easy to see that he is very passionate about his art for which he has been a part of for over 25 years. After our children’s first week of lessons we knew there was something different in the teaching methods of instructor Arthur Ligopantis. Arthur’s approach to the way he teaches one of his arts, in particular Jeet Kune Do is remarkable. Unlike other Martial Arts classes where repetitious arm swings and air kicks seem to be the order of the day, Arthur immediately involved his students in the use of protective pads and gloves and introduced his class to more real life movements and scenarios. Arthur understands that kids in particular learn and develope faster than most adults and for this reason speaks to them in that manner, always asking them for feedback in regards to their progress from class to class. His ability to explain his methods and his patience in teaching is reflected in their noticeable improvement in physical fitness, self discipline and confidence. Arthur’s desire is to teach people of all ages and backgrounds and his professional attitude to creating a well disciplined and physically fit individual is something rarely seen in today’s world where ego seems to replace principles and morals. It is good to know that under Arthur’s instruction our kids will have the knowledge and the tools to protect themselves in today’s not too friendly environment, and develop good character and a healthy lifestyle. We are grateful that our path in life led us to the Progressive Combat Systems and in particular Arthur Ligopantis whose accomplishments here and abroad are recognized and highly respected by his mentors and colleagues.

Robert & Suzan Matotek 38 & 36 years
Beaumont Hills, Sydney Australia

My Instructor, Arthur Ligopantis is a very dedicated martial artist and a great person. He has helped me these past six months with my training, even though I am only 14. I’m training with adults. Arthur is a very impressive and skilled teacher of Jeet Kune Do and the South East Asian Arts. He is dedicated to teaching us, to become better martial artists and to help us to become as good as we can be. This is the first time I have done martial arts and I am impressed with Jeet Kune Do because it stands out from other martial arts I have seen. Overall, Arthur is a great teacher and I recommend Progressive Combat Systems to anyone wanting to learn martial arts or even just for fitness.

Thomas Roncone – 14 yrs.

I started training under Sifu Arthur Ligopantis in January 2005 after being recommended to visit one of his classes. The material being covered and the energy of his class greatly impressed me. Having previously studied 2 years of another Martial Arts discipline, I was amazed at the difference. I saw that learning Martial Arts training was not just about practicing a set of staged movements, but understanding concepts and how they work, and being able to apply and adapt these into any combative situation. As the students demonstrated the drills with skill, accuracy and power, I thought these guys must have been training for years. I was shocked when Sifu later told me that they were beginners. These guys who had only been training for a few months with Sifu had developed their skills far greater then myself who had been training for a few years! So I began my studies with Sifu. What impressed me was the personal attention and dedication Sifu gives to his students to develop each one of us based on our own individual attributes. Sifu is humble and his willingness to share all of his knowledge with his students without holding back is a rarity in the Martial Arts community, “I don’t want my students to be as good as me, I want them to be better!” Training Martial Arts under Sifu, has taught me the value of discipline, commitment, the power of knowledge, and also the importance of having fun along the way. Sifu has shown me that this philosophy not only allows you to excel and achieve your set goals in Martial Arts, but in all areas of your life.

Karina Anderson Georges Hall Age 27

We may not be fortunate enough to have Guro Dan Inosanto to pass down the arts to us that such men as Bruce Lee, John Lacosta, Floro Villabrille and Edgar Sulite to name a few passed down to him. However we are lucky enough to have Sifu Arthur Ligopantis to pass these arts down to us. After twelve or so years in the traditional martial art of Tae Kwon Do, always learning the same old things and lacking in many areas like Boxing, Trapping and Grappling, I knew it was time for a change. I came across the Progressive Combat System web page and knew this was the place for me. So off I went to my first class which only reaffirmed that this truly was the place I wanted to train at.Sifu Arthur’s classes lack nothing and the amount of material he has to draw from is limitless which makes his classes dynamic and fun to attend. The classes and the way they are presented really have to be seen to be believed. Sifu Arthur is always available to help his students grow and prosper and it really is like a family environment a place for great friends and great martial arts knowledge.Anyone wanting to learn the arts of Jun Fan Gung Fu, Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Silat, Kickboxing and Grappling then there is no where in Sydney better than at Progressive Combat Systems. Anyone wanting to learn any martial art that is going to help them in their everyday life be it mentally or physically then there is no better place again than Progressive Combat Systems. I believe it truly caters to everyone.

Blake Kessler – 23 yrs Personal Trainer

I have been training under Sifu Arthur Ligopantis since 2003 and in such a short time I feel so grateful for being able to learn and enrich my life in ways that I had never imagined! I believe that when you train the body you also train the mind, and this is especially so in the combative arts. Sifu’s personal style of teaching is different from most places I have seen, as it allows you to be creative in the way you move and think as he encourages you to learn and explore your own personal potential.

Brett Heckenberg -22yrs Accountant

Progressive Combat Systems is a down to earth street combat school teaching the art of survival. It is also a school of self discovery, opening doors of potential you were not previously aware of in all aspects of life. Head of the school, Sifu Arthur Ligopantis has a deep understanding from many years of experience and study. Including Certification from World Great Martial Artists ‘Dan Inosanto and Paul Vunak’. Arthur has a constant flow of fresh knowledge that makes Progressive Combat Systems what it is… progressive. Sifu Arthur teaches a vast number of systems that the individual can absorb and apply as their own individual expression of Martial Art. This is something all great fighters have acquired, their own unique expression. May it be Mohammed Ali, Bruce Lee, Sugar Ray Robinson or combat warriors such as Hannibal, HenryV, Napoleon or George Patton Jnr to name a few. They were all progressive.

Geoff Andrew-37yrs

There are teachers who just do their job. But then there are a few who deserve the admiration and respect from their students. I look up to the dedication and enthusiasm you have in your business. I appreciate the amount of support and encouragement you have given me, because it has strengthened the person I am today. Thank you sincerely for your kindness and understanding as you listened patiently to me.

Renee Franzini

To someone who has not done martial arts before, surely will have mixed feelings about the idea of doing it. Some may ask, “Why must one persevere to learn martial arts?” Some may say “What for?” Some may wonder why others do it, however, one will not know the answer until he/she has had the first hand experience in one of the oldest culture of mankind. Personally, I have been through those series of queries during my youth and restless days that lead to my joining the Folk Dance Troupe of the Philippines, which is the milder and suppressed form of the Filipino martial arts that lies within the dance itself. That must be the reason why I know that self discipline is vital to be proficient in this form of art. It is with great elation that I joined Progressive Combat System, for it is in this form of art that I discovered my individuality. It has developed me according to my capabilities and gave me the chance to be creative as I progress along. Those qualities I mentioned above will not come to reality without the guidance of our Sifu, Arthur Ligopantis who is the embodiment of a true leader and master. In fact, I always look forward to coming in class early as well, because I feel I’m coming to my second family where I belong and enjoy the friendliness and camaraderie.

Eddie Ravino – 65 yrs
Retired School Teacher

Progress Combat Systems has changed the way I think and provided me with new and interesting challenges. Not only is it great exercise but it’s a unique system that allows you to express yourself while developing important tools. As a young woman who travels to university on public transport, I used to feel unsafe as I had no idea how I could ever defend myself. We all like to think it would never happen to us, but I recently found myself in a threatening situation and if it was not for the confidence and ability that Arthur had helped me to develop, I do not know how I would have got out of the situation. As a female, there are classes tailored for developing these skills but more importantly, the friendly atmosphere of PCS means I never feel uncomfortable in any class, even though I might not be as strong as the other guys. Arthur teaches you how to use your own attributes to the best of your ability. Everyone is willing to help, and not only have I learnt life long skills but I’ve developed life long friendships.

Lisa Franzini

My son Joel, now 11, has trained with Arthur Ligopantis at Progressive Combat Systems for the past 3 years. Not only has Joel’s confidence, co-ordination, fitness and body strength improved, but Joel has developed a respectful attitude due to Martial Arts.

I believe it is through the continued enthusiastic and dedicated teaching skills of Arthur that has allowed Joel to continue to be passionate about attending training each week and improving his skills.

Within a Progressive Combat Systems class, Arthur shares his knowledge, trains his students for real-life situations and promotes his students’ self-esteem through innovative lessons and hands-on experiences.

Joel attended another Martial Arts training class before we were recommended to Arthur by a friend. There is no comparison between them. Progressive Combat Systems, and in particular Arthur, provide a quality service that I have been highly satisfied with and that Joel will continue to enjoy for many years to come.

Lisa Howell – Wentworthville, NSW.