Develop Ultimate Confidence

Have you ever stopped to notice why there are people out there that seem to have a supreme confidence in everything they do, that nothing in the world ever seems to faze them? Well If you have, it should come as no surprise that these people have learnt the secrets to mastering themselves. They’ve learnt the secrets of taking control not he/she can accomplish a specific goal or task. This is just one type of confidence but the type of confidence I’m talking about, is in knowing you possess some of the most lethal martial arts skills known to man and can walk with an aura of confidence that comes with knowing these skills.

The type of confidence that I’m referring to, is if someone gets in your face they’ll never be able to rattle your cage, that’s right….never rattle your cage! In fact the hardest decision you’ll ever have to make will be to either deal with the aggression head on or walk away, not because you’re afraid… but because you simply can! I will give you the tools, skills and confidence to deal with almost any situation.

Here’s what I’ll teach you:

  • Single most effective technique against larger people
  • How to read opponents and intercept them so easily
  • Lightning fast straightblast punching
  • Razor sharp elbow & knee combinations
  • How to blow away any incoming punch or kick
  • Brutally effective Filipino boxing combinations
  • How to read your opponents subtle movements in close quarter
  • Off balancing techniques that will take down even the biggest opponent
  • The secrets of Filipino edge weapon defence
  • How to use the single stick as a lethal weapon
  • Vital ground fighting positions you need to know
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